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The Aurangabad District Central
Co-op Bank Ltd.

Aurangabad District Central Co-operative Bank Limited is registered under the Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act, 1960. The jurisdiction of the bank is limited to the geographical limits of Aurangabad district only. The Bank is operating through a network of 138 branches including its head office at Aurangabad.

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ATM services offered by our bank, the most modern form of cash is now yours. We launched Rupay Debit Card

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Micro ATM is a smaller version of ATM. Micro ATMs are like modified points of sales terminals.

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ADCC Bank offers you Safe Deposit Locker facility to use your important documents.

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Aurangabad District Central Company. Bank Banking anywhere through its Aurangabad district branches.

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Immediate payment service is an interbank electronic instant transfer service via mobile phone.

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Get to Know About

Flexible and Quick Agriculture Loans For You

ADCC Bank offers various types of agricultural loans. You can also use our overdraft facility to cover the cost of cultivation and working capital for farming and related activities.

We also offer term loans for purchasing irrigation equipment and other agricultural needs..

Very Low Rates on All Loans

99.9% Success Rate Guarantee

Flexible with Your Repayments

Trusted Bank

Most of the People Trust on Us For Fast Services

We are committed to providing banking needs to our customers. The best customer service for our quality management system, well-governed process, staff performance and consistently established.

  • Personal loan
  • Car / auto loan
  • Home loan
  • Green house loan
  • Net shade loan
  • Tractor loan
  • Sprinkler irrigation loan

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